Collection: TK EnchantmART

Traditional hand-drawn illustrations
steeped in enchantment and magic.

Here you can shop the most ENCHANTing ART from a talented UK Artist that we've proudly paired up with for the TK Tribe (we will call her J.D.)!
Be sure to follow along in the Modhemian™ Musings (Blog) for more information about her, the stories behind the art and how it all comes to be!


These prints, being shipped from the artist living by the sea in the North East of England.
To keep sustainability in mind with this art, we will place orders the 1st and 15th of each month so please keep that in mind when placing an order. If any of these pieces are included with other items in your order, they will all ship at once. (EX: If you order a print of art and a skirt on the 10th... You will receive tracking for BOTH items together roughly around the 25th). If you place two orders same day... (One for skirt, one for art) they will ship individually as soon as each one is possible.

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